What We Do

We promote the following programs through their designated committees and percentage apportioning with result based accountable records keeping to ensure funder/ sponsor/ donor confidence in our respectable foundation.

  • Community- based trainer (volunteer) hosting and guardianship
  • Counseling and Food Aid Relief services for the abjectly poor, victims of disaster and war
  • Sport Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Programs
  • Child Education Sponsor- finding Services
  • Inter-School Arts and Crafts competitions
  • National, Regional and International Festival of the Arts Fundraising Programs
  • Solar-technology and Plastic Recycling/fashioning Skills Training requests
  • Lasting friendship, partnership and soul-mate links for victims of war and disaster
  • Islamic Calligraphy, Ballads and Costume shows/exhibition programs
  • Fabric designs, printing and production skills training requests.
  • Shoe-making skills training requests
  • Individual/group excellence Award Programs
  • General safety signs education programs in lower and upper Basic schools
  • Inter-Tribal, Religious/Sectarian Peace-building Programs
  • Beautician arts and modest fashion show programs
  • Child Art lessons (in hotels, schools, and homes) upon request
  • Special needs fundraising programs
  • Government Policy complementing awareness-raising programs
  • Adult literacy and multi-lingual study short-courses
  • Music, Drama, and Contemporary Dance promotion programs
  • Carpentry, welding, sculpture and glass work Skills-sharing and Training
  • Animation course scholarship requests
  • European, Middle-Eastern and Asiatic culture introduction programs
  • Ballet dance training of trainer requests
  • Participation in international contest/exhibition/conferences in art and technology related events
  • Inclusion of the physically disabled

Online & on-stage fundraising programs for the following projects

(1) Centre of Excellence Building for creative and performing artists (es) est. cost $25,000

(2) Poultry and Vegetable Farm facility (es) est. $15,000

(3) Training Course on IT /Animation to established our own child-film version (cost. not specific)

  • Training workshops on bee keeping methods
  • African folktale and Poetry collections
  • Musical Instrument usage training course programs
  • Sports and indoor games championship programs
  • Embroidery and tailoring skills training
  • Enterprise Development Fund for Returning Illegal Economic Migrants (EDFRIEM)